Verizon iPhone 4S issue with Exchange on Verizon

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Wicked1, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Anyone come across trying to setup an iPhone 4S on Verizon, using corp exchange 2010 and not be able to?

    Everyone in our company uses either vz or at&t iphones, but for some reason we have one that just will not connect.

    I am thinking this is more of a Verizon issue since the end user took it to Apple and they verified the phone was working 100%, and we have her setup on exchange just like everyone else?

    Out of ideas, hope someone can help?
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    I am on verizon, using a 4S and I connect using Active Sync with my exchange server. I use the add account, choose exchange and folllow the prompts.

    We are on Small Business Server, and I use Outlook 2010. I can reccommend the comany that does my IT if you want they are an outside vendor.

  3. PNutts, Apr 2, 2012
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    One reason I love SIM cards - swap 'em and see what happens. AT&T has an unnecesary "Enterprise Data Plan" which is supposedly required when connecting to Exchange (a.k.a. "corporate e-mail systems"). Does Verizon have any such distinction that is enforced?

    I assume the phone is not JB and that it's making the connection to the Internet on the intended connection? What I mean is you've confirmed it's using 3G or joined to a valid wifi network? We have a corporate wifi network and a guest wifi network. The corporate one requires a cert so if someone "joins" it they get no server response.

    I assume you've checked Exchange and Activesync is enabled for her and the device is not quarantined or blocked (either through ECP or check to make sure her device ID is in the allowed and also not in the blocked CAS Mailbox attributes). You could try setting up a known working Exchange account on her phone to verify her account is not the issue. If a connection is never made, turning on device logging on her account won't show anything, but you can dig through the ISS logs on your CAS server to see the handshake (or the finger in this case). :D

    If all else fails, restore as new. :(

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