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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by manviln, Oct 2, 2013.

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    So I just got the iPhone 5s and it came last week, When I bought the phone I was forced like everyone else to switch from unlimited data to 2GB. Because I am an old Alltel customer, I dont have to share that 2GB, I get my own. I have only ever gone over 2GB like twice in the 4 years of owning a smartphone.

    Even though our billing cycle restarted on 9/21 I just got a notification that I am already at 1.7GB used! How is this possible? I am not using the phone anymore I did my old Android 4G LTE and usually only used 1.76 in an entire month not 2 weeks!

    Anyone else having issues of data Skyrocketing? Anyone know what could be causing it?:confused:
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    Hamster wheel
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    This is the only way to get an accurate breakdown of what's using up the data. I found myself using A LOT more data with the 5S, mainly because of finally having LTE.

    If you're on a capped data plan, one thing I advise against is running speed tests. After running it 4-5x I found I had already burned through 250mb+ of data. That number is by no means scientific and it will depend on how fast your connection is too, but just a heads up.
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    I had LTE on my android phone and never used this much data. I did take a look at my data usage, and since getting the iphone I used 1.3GB of data on it alone, though I dont use any different apps than I did before. I did turn off the data for apps that I dont use (stocks, notes, etc) I have just heard of Data Leakage with past iphones and carriers and wondered if this was a real issue..

    Plus as soon as I got the phone I turned off the auto updates in the background on all the apps so that shouldnt be an issue either.
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    That's interesting. I have an HTC Thunderbolt on my account too and the data usage is always pretty low now that you mentioned it. What apps are using the most data and how much respectively?
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    I am experiencing the same thing. I just looked through what apps use the most data. The app store came out at 1G of data on its own. I think mostly from updating the apps and downloading everything onto the new phone. Hopefully it will go back down next month.
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    iTunes Match and now radio are data killers. I would avoid those if you have a cap.
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    My app store has used 253MB and itunes using 536MB which is interesting because I dont think I have even opened the app unless that is because of the ios update...Pandora is at 100 MB (which I typically use 1 hour in the morning at work and was same usage on the previous phone), everything else is under 15MB... most are in the kilos... Everything compares to the use of my LTE android... It just seems insane that it is sucking so much data... 1.3GB is 7 days...
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    THIS. Freaks me out.

    Sure, it's fun to see that you're getting a 30+MBPS connection on LTE. Impress your friends! Feel pleased with yourself for owning such a kick-butt phone! Try to beat your previous best results!

    But it takes like 60-80MB for each test.

    So, take a screenshot of your result, and replace the Speedtest app with an icon of that photo.

    Problem fixed.

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