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Verizon might be getting shared data plans...Good for two iPhones?


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Dec 16, 2011

Litterally, the reason I have yet to get a smartphone is because my mom isn't so keen on paying 30$ for 2GB. My mom currently has herself an iPhone 4 (Grandfathered in with Unlimited Data from her Blackberry Curve), however, out of her unlimited data, she uses maybe a couple hundred MBs AT THE MOST. I've calculated that I would use around 1.5GB (since at home I would always be on WiFi instead of 3G and on WiFi in places that have it). If Verizon did get shared data plans, would it be a good idea to get two iPhones on shared data if it was 2GB, 4GB?


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Feb 2, 2011
I would love this since I share a plan with two family members and they both have iphones. What I'm worried about is that my line has unlimited data and I know I would likely have to give that up.


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Jul 28, 2007
Verizon definition of a shared data plan would be
2GB for first two lines $40
$5GB for $60 for all lines

And than $10 per 1GB over 5GB.

We all know Verizon or AT&T will not make it cost effective.

They want to maintain their higher cost per subscriber structure.

Just look what AT&T did. They did away with 200mb/$15 and added $20/300mb.

They aren't doing many people any favors.

What they all need to do is 1GB/$10. Simple. But they would never do that.


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Jul 7, 2010
Bay Area
If you calculated that you use 1.5gb and she uses a couple hundred it might be cutting it close if you choose the 2gb.


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Nov 15, 2011
Yeah... both my wife and I are on the unlimited plans. I have only twice ever gone over 2 GB and my wife doesn't ever touch 500MB.

The ONLY reason I'm keeping the unlimited is for when a more data consuming iphone comes out. At which point I'm sure verizon will somehow bend me over and make me buy a different plan and then I'll be PO'd that I kept unlimited for this long.


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Jul 25, 2006
paradise beach FL
I agree that it would be great for convenience, and my wife uses minute amounts of data.. but also having been a VZ customer since 1999 I can guarantee that the rates won't be doing anyone any favors. A reasonable plan at reasonable prices will never happen with AT&T, Verizon forever pwning American cellular users.

Sprint is already reasonable. I'm switching, especially now that I have two iPhones cheap from VZ amd my renewal is October.. All I need is a decent data plan.


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Sep 27, 2008
We all know Verizon or AT&T will not make it cost effective.

Most users don't need large data plans. Since AT&T and Verizon switched to tiered plans I went from paying $200 a month for TWO iPhones to $210 a month for THREE iPhones.


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Sep 7, 2011
Saint Louis, MO
If it worked out for the better it would give me an excuse to move to Verizon with my fiance as she still has unlimited.

But like someone was was saying, i bet if you got grandfathered into the unlimited data, that would go away with this new plan.

Honestly it all depends on the next iPhone being LTE or not. If it is, i will most likely move to Verizon as LTE is currently available in my area where as AT&T is not and even so my 4s is not currently grabbing the HSPA+ speeds i know it should be (according to AT&T's site map)
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