Verizon Mistake Helps Me

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kcs7272, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Oct 2, 2012
    I ordered a 16gig Black iPhone from Verizon online on 09/28. I received my order conformation with a 10/26 ship date. I woke up this morning, 10/8 to an email stating my order was cancelled !!!!!:eek::eek

    I immediately called VZW to resolve the issue. I was on hold for over 35 minutes waiting to speak with someone, finally I hung up and called telesales.
    Wouldn't you know it I got right through.

    I explained to the nice rep what had happened and how I jumped the gun and sold my Galaxy Note on the 28th so I was phone less. The rep apologized profusely and laid out my options. Or should I say option?

    I was told she could see no reason for the cancellation. She also told be she could re order my phone but it would not ship until 11/2 at the earliest!!:eek::eek:

    I politely informed the rep that this was Verizon's error not mine and now due to their mistake I would be even longer without a phone. At this point I asked to speak to supervisor.

    The supervisor got on, apologized a million times and suggested I go to a VZW retail store and he would note my account to give me priority for an iPhone. I explained that not one store in the tri state area had any.

    The supervisor then advised me that he would note my account that I was upset. LOL. He told me he was from retentions but he could do nothing for my order that he was just handling overflow.

    So I ask him, If you are with retentions what can you do for this MAJOR inconvenience that is making me not want to order again and to yank my other 2 lines?

    His answer, NOTHING! Customer service at its best NOT! :confused::confused:

    To shorten this up I went to BestBuy and asked when they would have more iPhone 5's in stock. If it was the 2nd I was just going to go home and cancel my other 2 lines.

    The sales associate checked the Cabinet and said.......... I have one 16gig that was a cancelled pre order and a ton of 64 gigs for Verizon!!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::):):):):rolleyes::rolleyes::p:p

    Turns out he only had the 16gig in white and I didn't have the cash allocation available to buy a 64 gig until Wednesday:eek:

    So I bought the white one with his full understanding that he will call when the black ones come in for me to exchange it. I actually might just exchange it for a black 64 gig on Wednesday and pay the difference:D

    So I went form 10/26 to 11/2 to getting one today!!! And yes, i am going to be an ass hat and get the black either Wednesday or later. And no I don't care that it wastes stock, after the chain jerking I got they can bite my APPLE:cool:
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    Nov 2, 2008
    I'm hoping you feel better after sharing. :cool:

    Congrats on getting your phone, though! Welcome to the i5 club. :)

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