Verizon now offering free wifi hotspot connections on Palm devices

Discussion in 'iPad' started by thatisme, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Before, if you were a Verizon wireless customer and had a smart phone, you would pay for your minutes and a 29.99 data plan for your handset. This would allow you Web and e-mail on your device, text SMS or MMS would result in extra charges. If you wanted to turn your Palm Pre / Pixi into a wireless hotspot, that would run you an extra $40.00

    from yahoo:

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Verizon Wireless is cutting the prices for Palm's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus smart phones and offering free access to a Wi-Fi service that lets the phones deliver Internet access to other kinds of devices -- such as Apple's iPad.

    in an attempt to bring customers back to verizon and attract iPad users, they are now offering that "tethering" wifi hotspot option for free, but it appears that you are capped at 5GB of data before getting raped with verizon's data overage charges.
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    If this covered Android phones too it might put pressure on ATT to respond. But w/ just Palm it's probably not going to even register b/c who owns a Palm phone anymore?
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    Interesting.... this is the reason i'm buying the 3G iPad over a Verizon Pixi. I wasn't paying that much for data - then having to pay the $40 tethering.

    I"m an out of contract Treo user that isn't required to have data, so i don't have it.

    I'm still thinking that the $15/mo w/o a contract will suit me 99% of the time and that is a better deal. I don't need data on my phone with the iPad 99% of the time from what i can figure too.

    BUT, i'm going to let my Dad know, and keep it in mind for my daughter in the future.

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