Verizon/Sprint still won't support simultaneous voice & data!?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by eleite, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. eleite macrumors regular


    Sep 13, 2012

    Are you kidding me? As an AT&T customer, I honestly feel bad for you guys. You mean you can't use data while on the phone with someone even on LTE? Major bummer, you'd think they would've addressed this with the iPhone 5. :eek: Maybe this will make a carrier decisions easier for some of you. I know it makes my decision easier. I use that functionality ALL the time on AT&T.
  2. Diseal3 macrumors 65816

    Jun 29, 2008
  3. \-V-/ Suspended


    May 3, 2012
    Looks like they're genuinely trying to make people switch carriers...
  4. iChillax macrumors regular


    Mar 10, 2010
    That's because they suck..... but they do offer great prices on their plans unlike AT&T...who are greedy. It's honestly a lose-lose situation when choosing a carrier. Just like who to pick in the Presidential race... Are we really winning at all? No, the system screws us over every time. :eek:
  5. MacDawg macrumors Core


    Mar 20, 2004
    "Between the Hedges"
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