Verizon store: got it, but had to take white instead of black

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by erzeszut, Sep 21, 2012.

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    So I got to the Summit, here in Birmingham, AL, around 5:00AM. This is a huge outdoor complex that has an Apple Store, a Verizon store, and an AT&T store. The line at Apple was about 125-150 people, so I headed over to check out Verizon.

    One guy. Sitting in his car. That's it.

    So I parked next to him, and waited while I ate my breakfast.

    At 6, around 10-12 VZW employees showed up. The next customer didn't come until around 6:45, and we got out of our cars and formed a loose line at that point.

    At 7:45, when the VZW employee came out to greet us, there were about 15 people waiting. It was informal, we all knew who was first, second, etc. He handed out numbered sheets based on our position in line, and around 7:50, took the first seven of us inside.

    I picked a rep, and she confirmed what I was ordering -- I wanted a black 64GB. When she went to the back to get it, she said they "were out" of those, and I could either have white/64 or black/32. I took the white one, since I'll put it in a case anyway, it isn't a huge deal. But unless the guy ahead of me bought two 64GB black, and that was all they had, that's not really fair. Since they took us in a group of 7, it's possible that #3, #4, #5, etc. maybe got a black 64GB ahead of me. I wasn't really watching everyone else.

    Anyway, no huge deal. I bought a black silicone Incipio case for it, and the white front does make for a nice contrast.

    I was out of the store, phone activated, by 8:15AM. My number ported from AT&T about 15 minutes later -- got a text message as I was driving to work -- and I was in my office before 9AM, my normal starting time. Not bad at all, though as it turns out, I could have slept for two more hours and still been in the same situation! Oh well.

    Drove by the Apple store on my way out, and the line was stretching halfway around the Belk department store adjacent to Apple.
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    Sort of had the opposite experience... Waited at Verizon store at 530am and was #3... Other two wanted 16gb black so I was in the clear with wanting 64gb white. Sales associate said all they had were 16gb w, 32vb w/b, and 1 yes 1 64gb black. I took it reluctantly but I think I really want the white now. I might have to pay the $35 dollar restocking fee

    I'm not sure how they didn't even get 1 of each color.

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