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Carrier Verizon Upgrade Process Question


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Jul 23, 2013
So I have an X, it has become quite slow and sluggish. I hardly ever have a good LTE signal and WiFi is slow. I think the 12 pro will be a welcomed upgrade and want to discuss the process on upgrading. Previously, I got my IPhone X through Best Buy.

So, when selecting my 12 Pro 256gb it says it’s $100 extra.

Verizon says I will receive $228 instant credit for my 256GB X. I have a $20 one time upgrade fee and taxes are $82, so when I pick my phone up I will owe $102.

Now for my upgrade it shows I will pay $34.87 for 24months on the phone plus $20 line access for total of $54.87 extra a month. Does that sound correct?

My plan currently is the Verizon Plan Single Unlimited for $85. I have the total equipment protection for an extra $11/month. I don’t have 5g yet so I plan to keep this plan for now.
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