Verizon Voice & Data with iPhone 5?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roland.g, Aug 28, 2012.

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    I have had AT&T since the iPhone debuted, switching from T-Mobile and paying a $175 Early Termination Fee. Owned the original iPhone, 3G, and have had a 4 for 2+ years now, fully planning to upgrade to an iPhone 5/the new iPhone in Sept.

    In the past, the big knock on AT&T was dropped calls, while the big knock on Verizon was no simultaneous data and voice along with generally slower 3G data speeds (and I have the 4 with AT&Ts 3G not the iPhone 4S with AT&Ts "4G"). I am wondering with the iPhone 5 expected to get LTE like the new iPad, how Verizon and AT&T will compare and whether people expect Verizon to offer simultaneous voice and data, a feature I use often.

    I have seen some data that suggests that AT&Ts LTE is slightly faster than Verizon's but one big problem is that AT&T hasn't rolled out LTE to Denver or announced when they might, which IMHO is a huge mistake given the size of the market.

    AT&T also has the issue of more dropped calls, something I'd gladly put behind me.

    As far as voice and data, a friend of mind with an HTC ThunderBolt said that he can use voice and data on his at the same time on Verizon, because it is LTE, something Verizon phones on their older CDMA 3G networks couldn't do, and obviously still won't be able to on an iPhone 5 if you are out of LTE coverage areas.

    As far as price I'm looking at the same costs, 4GB shared data plus 2 smartphones is $150, regardless of carrier, and slightly cheaper than I pay now. The only bummer is that AT&T will charge me a $135 ETF fee for leaving. So a bit less than an extra month of service and I will have to get me wife a new phone to switch even though her iPhone 4 is only 15 months old and she doesn't care about new tech.

    Anyone in the same boat or using a Verizon LTE phone, please chime in, thanks.
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    LTE is currently a data-only solution. So, while you are using 3G voice services, you're LTE data will be working in the background.

    Now, if you are on Verizon in a 3G only area, I believe you'll go back to no simultaneous data while on a call. But the data services pick up where they left off as soon as the voice call is ended.

    But re-reading your post...perhaps you already knew this. I don't have much else to offer except that my experience on Verizon before coming to AT&T was always top-notch. I was always a bit sad I left...but really wanted the iPhone.
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    I don't know about your experience but AT&T has gotten significantly better with voice, in fact a complete turnaround.
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    Some Verizon phones can do voice and data at the same time. The HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Rezound and Samsung Galaxy S3 are supposed to be able to do it. I have a Rezound and have used voice and data together on 3G. I haven't used the others to test it out. All LTE phones can do voice and data while on LTE. I don't know if the next iPhone will do voice and data on 3G with Verizon. It would be nice if it could.
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    Quite a few thoughts along the same vein here: Can LTE do Voice & Data Simultaneously?

    The basic consensus is that some phones can do as much via SVDO technology. The other thoughts is that if one LTE, the data will be through that antenna while voice is through the other. Obviously we won't know for certain what the new iPhone will have in these regards until the it makes its debut.
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    Put your city in the box and check which carrier is doing better in your neck of the woods. Asking a general question from those here will not get you the response that you want. Too many variables.
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    No need for either, really. What are your priorities? Which is most important? Sort that out and you'll have your answer. Don't rely on broad generalizations regarding the carriers. You need to go by how they're performing in your specific market and how their coverage is in areas that you need it.
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    As willmtaylor said, CDMA can do voice and data simultaneously over 3G (EV/DO) if the handset supports SVDO.

    Your friend's HTC Thunderbolt is one of four models of phone that CAN do voice and data at the same time on 3G (the others being the HTC Rezound, HTC Incredible 4G, and the Samsung Galaxy S3).

    I comment on this every so often. Nearly no one ever seems to notice. CDMA no longer suffers from this limitation, assuming the OEM actually uses SVDO in the handset.

    Cue people (again) telling me I am wrong about this. I'm not.

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