Vertical inch and a half inverted color strip on the right side of a macbook air screen from water.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by BIGMAX, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Jun 26, 2015
    Today i was watching youtube while cleaning the kitchen. When i was wiping my counters, some water from the dish cloth flew onto the right side of the keyboard and the screen. after I finished my work in the kitchen, I sat down on my couch and noticed the water on the laptop. So I was not thinking and just got a the towel nearest to me and wiped the wet spots probably pushing water into places that water shouldn't go. First thing that happened was the auto shut down. So I tried rebooting my macbook air like three or four times until I figured out something was wrong because it kept cutting back off after the chime. I waited then tried to turn it on again and it ran perfectly. So I left to go work out for about two or three hours and came back to open it and there was an inverted 1 1/2 inch vertical strip on the right side of the laptop. Everything works perfectly fine but I need help from you guys to find some advice on what it is and how to fix this problem. I attached a picture of the laptop screen.

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    The biggest concern with a spill is that liquid will short a circuit that's active.

    So the goal is to make all your circuits as inactive as possible until the liquid has dried. That means turning the computer off, unplugging it from everything, and letting it sit for a couple days.

    Absolutely the worst thing you can do with a liquid spill is keep trying to turn the computer on to see if it works or whatever. That just keeps giving everything a chance to short out and break permanently.

    So you have approached this situation completely 100% wrong which is a shame. I'm sure you didn't know but you're the 2nd person on this forum to post about doing this this week which is too bad.
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    Jun 26, 2015
    Thanks for your review I have not opened the laptop ever since you replied and guess what? The screen is back to normal. Note to all the people with this problem: LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP ALONE AND LET IT DRY.... EVEN IF IT DOESN'T CLEAR UP AFTER A MONTH!!!!
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    If it still works good for a few weeks you might have escaped horror!

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