Vidalia on Leopard: Can I control country origin of IP? And google blocking me?

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    Dealing with my Vidalia (I'm using Vidalia/Tor with the Firefox add-on) I get annoyed that my IP is always in germany, china, somewhere very far away That would be great, but I speak English and want my IP to be of English origin. Having a foreign IP causes problems with google and other pages that look at your ip to base what language to generate the page/results in. Then what's worse, a lot of times google gives me the "forbidden-sorry" page, suspecting my computer is a bot making automated searches or something.

    Cool idea for trying to get your web page to rank up in the searches, but its not what I'm doing and is there a way to stop this? Is there, for instance, a way to limit how many times my ip changes (every time I go to what is my ip dot com, its a different ip) or keep the same one? Can I make Vidalia only give me American IP's? I've tried looking for Vidalia forums on the net, tried Yahoo Answers, went to the homepage of Vidalia, and read through the application's tiny little help menu. This was my last resort---as most ppl get annoyed by these types of questions and give smart-ass answers. hopefully someone forgiving of my vidalia inexperience can tell me that yes, there is a solution or no, that's the price you have to pay for anonymity.
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    I would also be interested in this

    I'm using tor and a lot of the websites I access block IPs outside of the US. I know it's possible on windows but I can't figure out how to do it on my leopard mac.

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