Video : Editing a video in Imovie 2 on an Imac G3


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Feb 2, 2013
Hi all,

I've just made a video about my adventures, for the first time, editing a video using Imovie 2, on an

Imac G3. Hope you enjoy.



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Apr 22, 2014
Central New Jersey/ North Virginia, USA

I enjoy content like this. It's interesting to see people actually use these old machines.
I enjoy this content too... I just don't think it's necessary to post them here every time you make one. If I made videos like this, which I eventually plan to, I don't plan to share just the video every time I make one. I wouldn't be as annoyed if OP explained the video a bit, like for example for this specific video, what difficulties I had making videos using the iMac and iMovie, or what I tried doing in iMovie, etc.

This is just my opinion here, but I just feel that if you post the link and just say watch it, its shameless self-promotion. It's like the 5 year olds on YouTube spamming big youtubers with comments saying "check out my channel because I make cool videos too"... it gets annoying and makes me not want to go to their channel.

Now, so that I don't make the OP feel too bad, I did actually watch some of the video and liked it. It was done very professionally and it was enjoyable to watch.