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Oct 12, 2002
Has anyone used a PB to do all of their video editing, and if so did you use an external hard drive, or just use the internal? If you used an external firewire, what brand did you use? TIA for any advice and experience you can share.


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Aug 4, 2002
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I would defintiely recommend getting an external drive for your editing, for one your powerbook's hard drive is limited in space and you'll want somewhere to keep those rather larget video files, also the frequent editing video can be rough on your hard drive. There are lot's of choices out there, and you definitely want a firewire drive. Check out the D2 and other drives at

also boo-bear, you should really have posted this in the mac help category instead of hardware rumors, just so you'll know next time.

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Nov 1, 2001
I have a 667 Rev B TiPB and do a video from time to time and have an external Firewire drive that I use for storing files that I've finished with, old projects, etc. You need to use the internal drive for better performance, but I would say that an external is a must.

I just ordered a Fantom 120GB drive myself.

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Sep 19, 2002
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This question came up at a Final Cut Pro seminar I attended. The expert giving the lessons recommended capturing video to an internal drive for fastest performance, but using an external firewire drive to store files once they are captured, if the internal drive doesn't have the capacity needed to retain all your clips files at once.

Are you using Final Cut Pro 3? If so, you can use the OfflineRT format to save a ton of disk space and improve performance during editing.


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Jun 6, 2002
stock internal hard drives do not spin nearly fast enough to use for video editing with a power book...even if you are only using miniDV format video and capturing through firewire.

you will do nothing but drop frames.

you MIGHT be able to use the internal drive if you were talking about low res options like offline or less than full frame / rate video.

for DV i'd suggest at least 7,200 rpm drives and to get that for the time being you probably are looking at dragging a firewire drive with you...and more than likely one that ISN'T powered off the firewire bus.

those, my friend, are the breaks.

someone has mentioned IBM is coming out with a 7,200 rpm internal drive. If you can get one of those, you might have a shot. But in the mean time, the dream of the powerbook and a DV cam / final cut as all you need to edit video in airports and coffee shops is still kind of just that...a dream.

you're going to need a faster hard drive than what's tucked in that slick titanium package. that's ok. external drives are cheap these days.


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Oct 12, 2001
You have to use a external firewire drive. Make sure it's 7200 rpm and it has the oxford 911 chipset. I use the EZQuest 120gig.
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