Video Interview with Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne

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    Link: Video Interview with Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne
    Description:: You know Woz, and Jobs, and Prancer and Vixen, but do your recall Ronald Wayne? Well, Dutch news show One More Thing did, and they managed to track down the illusive 3rd co-founder of Apple, and conducted a pretty interesting interview (well, interesting if you are obsessed with Apple minutia, like me). If you’ve ever wondered “Heeft u ooit spijt gehad van uw vertrek?” or “Heeft Steve Jobs uw adviezen overgenomen?”, you’ll finally get your answers. (Don’t worry, Wayne’s answers are in English, and he’s exceedingly candid).

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    Probably "elusive" more than "illusive", I expect...
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    The news show is called One More Thing? Is is only Apple news, or is that just a huge coincidence?
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    It's an Apple centric site.

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