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    Link: Viewing of Flash movies becomes comfortable fun for Mac OS users
    Description:: Eltima Software has got a lot to offer Mac OS users. This time Mac community is presented with standalone SWF Movie Player, which, unlike the regular Macromedia Flash Player endows the user with full arsenal of features to control Flash movies. Not only it allows to pause, fast forward and rewind the movie using convenient and flexible controls and sliders, but also to create and manipulate playlists, zoom in and out every portion of the movie, set playback quality, preview FLV files and watch the movie in a full screen mode. All of the advanced features presented in SWF Movie Player combine perfectly with clean user-friendly interface and make this application a hot pick for true Mac OS users.

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    wow, pretty cool i guess! it's like quicktime for flash!
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    It's not very honest of them to advertise "Free Movie Player", "Freeware", "Free Download" while they are in fact giving a demo-version that can only play the first 15 seconds of a movie.
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    Yeah, it's like "free trials" that ask for credit card details.

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