Virginia Governor Race: Democrat Northam wins by ~200,000 votes

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by oneMadRssn, Nov 7, 2017.

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    The flaw with the unions is that (unsurprisingly) they focus on their members and a lot of people who are genuinely low paid aren’t in them. So they are effectively focusing on upper middle class jobs in terms of incomes at least. They also generated a bit of a reputation for protecting jobs at all costs even if the person was terrible.

    My feeling is that the unions have tried to expand their memberships and stopped fighting the bosses for idiots quite so hard.
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    I can say that I've seen a lot of conservative voters lose their jobs when they vote in conservatives who run on dismantling unions.
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    My point is that the face (lipstick on a pig if you will) of the Democratic party has been social justice issues for quite some time while their economic and military polices have firmly been on the right and I haven't seen that change. This seems to be largely ignored, especially by diehard Democrats. That's why I'm somewhat peeved that here we are again falling for the same distraction as an epic country changing win, at least to some people. For others just winning the game of musical chairs with a blue is the proof of sweeping change coming. I'm not celebrating anything until I see major policy change, not bills outlawing micro aggressions.
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    I hope there is more focus on unions and worker's rights because both parties have abandoned the working class. That's largely why we got Trump and in almost record time Trump has also proven he's mostly a windbag on that same support.
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    I suppose that is one view. As someone who has been in a few unions, then moved to right to work states, I've had a chance to see a few sides. Unions are like any other organizations, there are good ones & bad ones. Companies are the same way. Companies in right to work states tend to find their employees are a little more disposable than companies elsewhere. I've seen a few times in companies. Some companies find unions to be a pain in the @$$ when it comes to treating their employees 'fairly'. One tends to find out what kind of right to work company you're at when talk of unionizing comes up.

    When I worked in companies with unions up north I would grouse about the pay out of my check that I never benefitted from. When I worked for my first right to work company I learned to appreciate what a union can do for employees.

    So while I often read about how horrible unions are, usually from those repeating republican talking points, it doesn't square with my own personal views. I don't claim to be completely pro union, but I have a hard time buying the whole all unions are bad line.

    I do buy though since it's been reported often, that republicans do NOT care for the voting direction of unions, and it's a main focus of their's to get rid of them.

    Disclosure: Coincidentally I did work for a right to work company. Carrier as a matter of fact. They often do their layoffs in waves ending in the holiday season to help meet their quarterly numbers. I was laid off just before Thanksgiving several years ago. When they tell you 'it's nothing personal, it's just business', it doesn't ease the sting. But it truly is business so they can meet numbers. Management is not kidding about making their numbers getting bonuses and staying on their career track.

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