VisiCalc: Apple's First Killer App

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    Link: VisiCalc: Apple's First Killer App
    Description:: Much of the Apple II's success in the late seventies and early eighties was a result of VisiCalc, the original computer spreadsheet. VisiCalc helped differentiate the Apple II from cheaper computers like the Atari 800 and Commodore PET.

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    Killer App

    Lit the fire for Lotus, MS Excel, etc
    Ahhhh, the good old days! :rolleyes:
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    Gone but not forgotten.
    Odd, I have VisiCalc in the other room for my Atari 800. It required 24 KB and a diskette drive, had a rudimentary copy protection scheme, and '*" characters provided the charting graphics. I don't remember it being as low as $100.

    It's amazing how responsive the software is on a machine running under 2 MHz. I also have Perfect Calc running on a 4 MHz Z-80 CP/M machine and it's sluggish.

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