vodafone UK in last stages of negotiations


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Apr 4, 2006
looks like vodafone are into last stages of negotiations.

I am hoping that if vodafone UK get it then it will be a rubber stamping excercise to give it to voadafone Australia- Although they have their own 3g network in OZ, it will still run 2.5g phones. It will be very easy for vodafone to market it like a 3g phone anyway as most people wouldn't know (or care as wifi would be more than enough). NOBODY uses video calling and using the internet on a normal mobile is rubbish anyway. From what Iv'e seen people actually prefer using their iphones for web browsing now - eg They did a glowing iphone review on The Lab with Leo and they said this. Then when the 3g version is ready vodafone can easily implement it- You know it makes sense apple (DON'T GIVE IT TO TELSTRA)

17 August 2007 23:38 GMT - Reports are coming in that Apple and Vodafone's talks about the iPhone contract for the UK have got to the details, and you have to assume, make or break, stage.

These rumours, from an "unnamed source" should not be considered reliable, but they certainly make for interesting reading.

Vodafone were always tipped as the Europe-wide partner of choice to be graced with the iPhone contract, but subsequent reports have put O2 as leaders in the race.

In a surprising twist in the saga, we recently reported on news that suggested that Vodafone might be forced to share iPhone distribution with O2 in the UK.

The O2 CEO Peter Erksine was quote as stating that they "hope" to be marketing the iPhone here in Blighty, but Apple will be courting all possible operator-partners, especially in the light of the positive launch for the device in the States.

But apparently now Apple and Vodafone have got down to brass tacks on the negotiating table and it's just minor details holding back the deal being signed, sealed and delivered.

Vodafone are said to not want to give up the kind of control that AT&T were seen to cave in to in the States, with marketing plans, and more, dictated by the Cupertino firm.

These Vodafone requests that appear to benefit the consumer, rather than than money-making mobile phone operator might seem unlikely, as the reports suggest Vodafone is fighting for the good of the people.

They are apparently pushing for the YouTube application to "work much more like the internet version,", improvements to Outlook and Exchange support and browser improvements, particularly the ability to "cut and paste".

Other Vodafone requests, perhaps less surprising in the light of recent security scares, are said to be improved security and firewalls and changes to Apple's WEP and WPA security key requirements.

Sadly, in these most recent reports, there is no mention of Vodafone insisting on a 3G-enabled version of the iPhone, despite the CEO of the company, Arun Sarin, saying he "looks forward" to such a model.



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Sep 29, 2006
well I've had a phone with vodaphone before..

not making that mistake again.

never in all my time have I had the misfortune to have to deal with such a totally useless 'customer service' helpline. I don't think they ever managed to actually give me a straight answer or actually do anything they said they would the first time.

final straw was when they kept hanging up on me after I played back a section of a phone call to them to prove what one of their people had said.. this did not go down well.

never seen anything like it, and I was with ntl for a few years and have a phone with BT so I know a bit about naff service.

O2 are not brilliant either but vodaphone were in a class of their own.

if the iphone is with vodaphone there is zero chance I'll get one, O2.. maybe if they sort the data plans out, not getting an iphone if I can't actually use it


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Jul 25, 2004
Gloucester, UK
Cool news!

Vodafone is the only carrier whose signal I can receive in my flat. Anyone else gets the deal and I'll be forced to hack it!

*edit* (Oh, and I've had no problems with their customer services, either. O2, on the other hand... :rolleyes: )