VPC7 and RPGMaker XP

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by xgsrpg, Oct 28, 2004.

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    Jul 4, 2004
    For those of you who don't know, RPGMaker XP is an RPG development tool for people who aren't programmers. This is one of my favorite programs ever (even though I know how to program games in C++/Objective-C, this is so much faster for casual stuff). Anyway, its website says it requires a P3 800MHz and 128MB of RAM and runs on 98, 2000, and XP. As far as I can tell, the editor itself is relatively not CPU-bound (when doing stuff with it on my P4 2.26GHz, it uses maxium 14% of CPU, normally around 3-7%). It is mainly playing the actual games that suck CPU (games usually take up around 20-40% of my P4). Will the editor program run smoothly on VPC 7 on my PowerBook G4 1.5GHz? I really don't care of the games themselves are slow since I would just be using it to work on my games on the go, and not really have the need to test it too much (and if I do, it's OK if it's slow). Thanks, xgsrpg

    I wish there was some kind of chart that could tell you approximately what VPC 7 can run so there isn't like a gazillion of these sorts of posts...
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    Umm.... so does that mean it won't work at all or.......
    And will using Windows 98 instead of XP make things go faster?

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