W.Va. Coal Baron Governor Asks Trump for $4.5 Billion to Save Eastern Coal

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    West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is asking President Donald Trump to extend his support for the coal industry by providing some $4.5 billion a year in federal funding for eastern coalfields, according to the Wall Street Journal. The former Democrat who switched parties last week to side with President Donald Trump, is now calling for a $15-per-ton coal subsidy from the federal government, a local news site reported.

    Justice has met with White House officials, including Trump, to discuss the plan, which Justice openly admits is an effort to save the struggling coal industry. Under the plan, “the federal government would pay our power plants for every ton of coal that they buy that’s a Central [Appalachian] ton or Northern [Appalachian] ton of coal in order to preserve our eastern coalfields,” Justice said. He proposes a $15-per-ton subsidy.

    This week, the administration decided not to close a loophole that has allowed companies extracting coal, oil, and natural gas from public lands to reduce their royalty rates. The loophole costs taxpayers $75 million a year, according to the Interior Department notice.

    Governor Jim Justice himself is a coal baron, and in February his coal company was cited for safety violations after an investigation into the the death of a worker. The governor’s companies also reportedly owe millions of dollars in unpaid state taxes.

    While claims that there is a “war on coal” are spurious, the coal industry is definitely under pressure. Low natural gas prices and the fracking boom have led power companies to convert power plants to natural gas, while coal itself has gotten more expensive and difficult to mine, particularly in the eastern regions. In addition, coal takes a heavy toll on the environment, whether it is water contamination and habitat destruction from mountaintop removal or increased smog and negative health effects from coal-fired plants.

    Bill Price, Sierra Club’s Senior Organizing Representative for the Appalachian Region, told ThinkProgress that West Virginia needs are “real investments in our communities that empower small businesses, attract new industries, and sets up long-term economic opportunities,” not “to double down on a declining industry that has polluted our water, destroyed our mountains, and continually put our health at risk.”

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    The equivalent of paying for more buckets for the Titanic imo...
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    so I bet the Donald signs this within a week.
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    If he's truly smart, he'll take the money and invest it in coal-mining robots.

    No health concerns, no lives lost in accidents, can work twenty-four hours a day...
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    His switch to Republican is certainly not suspect now.
  6. poloponies Suspended

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    Oh? Did someone think he was following an actual belief system?
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    Why bother propping this up for another year or two before it gets in trouble again? What a waste of money.

    Coal is dying on its arse. Might as well throw subsidies at loomers or steam boat operators.
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    As a member of the Sierra Club, I agree with the Rep, no surprises there. :)

    Throw away $4.5B a year to prop up a dieing industry? Pocket change. :rolleyes::eek: Let's see how savy our Business Expert'n Chief, Supreme Leader is.
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    Why are Republicans always begging for handouts?
  10. steve knight macrumors 68020

    steve knight

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    as long as they are rich it is perfectly ok to do so.

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