Wacom intuos 5touch and macbook pro13 2009 failing to install

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by leucite2, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Nov 28, 2012

    I recently bought a new Wacom graphics tablet - intuos 5touch. Very expensive and supposedly very good. But I cannot install this on my MacBook Pro 13inch 2009 running mountain lion 10.8.2. I have the latest driver from wacom and the installation process runs all the way through to 'validating packages' and then fails for no given reason. On Console there are a long list of errors but not sure if these are for the installation or other reasons. I have deleted and reloaded the driver and I have cleared my hard drive and clean installed mountain lion from the apple store with a time machine backup. I am extremely frustrated. I have been using my macbookpro for 3 years with no real problems but the latest os releases seem to be causing everything to run slow or not work. I have checked the hd for errors and repaired everything which needs doing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I cannot afford to replace my mac, it was expensive enough and should really last longer than 3 years.

    Any help gratefully received

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    Hi Helen,

    I remember reading several threads on MacRumors forums about problems with Wacom drivers causing lagging or other difficulties. The solution was to revert to older drivers. Chrono said he had a list of compatible Wacom drivers. If I find that I'll repost.

    Hmmm, here's a thread link --unfortunately it seems one can't revert to an older version with the newest Intuos tablets:

    I'll check for the other.

    Ahh, here it is, very informative about Wacom drivers:

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