Waiting for the 24th dilemma, or get rMBP on-sale

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by HalfLife, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. HalfLife macrumors newbie

    Feb 13, 2015
    Hey All,

    A few questions,

    I picked up the base 13" last week, but as of today Best Buy (here in Canada at least) has the rMPB at $100 off. $1299 CND, or $1199 USD I assume...
    It's a very good deal, almost too good to want to pass up.
    The thing is, shortly after I grabbed the 13", I learned Apple "Might" be refreshing the AIR line with Broadwell, and... possibly (according to websites) memory and storage options. Whatever that means.

    For the $100 off, I'm willing to pass up any Broadwell CPU upgrade to grab this deal. But... no one know's what Apple has up their sleeve for next week. Maybe even nothing... but with rumours of the 12", and a few websites saying along with Broadwell there will be new memory and storage options... it makes me hesitate to pull the trigger on the rMBP. And if it is just a Broadwell CPU upgrade, I could miss out on the $100.


    Also, I don't game much, but I do casual gaming here and there. I played that new Tex Murphy Tesla Effect on a 2012 Macbook Pro (non-retina), I guess it was Ivy Bridge Intel 4000 Graphics. It ran really well, and there was no noticeable fan noise.
    Fast forward, I load the same game up on the 13" last night, and I thought maybe I had walked onto the tarmac of the local airport. Ok, not that bad, but it was fairly loud. The fan was moving, and it didn't stop for a few minutes even after exiting the game.
    That had me a bit worried because it makes me think this Air isn't suited for ANY gaming. I can't see it being good to have the fan running at the speed it was for hours. And the bottom of the AIR got pretty hot.

    So I guess I have 2 questions for this, 1) is having the fan run at it's top speed OK for a few hours at a time? and 2) would I run into this problem on the Retina?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Klae17 macrumors 65816


    Jul 15, 2011
    Retina MBP will have to work a bit for the screen and gaming. The mba and MBP are close in graphic performance. The new mba is rumored to have a fanless design. Wait for the annoucement, everything eill be discounted by then.
  3. That70sGAdawg macrumors 6502a


    May 23, 2008
    It's fine for the fans to run. I would wait until Tuesday and see if the MBA's are upgraded to Broadwell for the same price. The coming redesigned rMBA will likely not be out until April, with an announcement . I'm not buying any 1st generation MBA again, after the fan and heat issues of the 1st generation .

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