"Walker, Pence tout conservative economic policies at Wisconsin rally"

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    Yes, we remember how Reagan's system of tax cuts and tax breaks for the upper class (balanced by more tax hikes for the middle/working class), deficit spending ("Reagan proved deficits don't matter"), and letting companies gouge their workers - for which some of these paradigms still exist today, even worse than when Reagan was in office.

    The article contains even more equally oversimplified prattle that regrettably but clearly ignores today's issues and prove how out of touch they are.
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    I dunno. The 80s were some of the best financial times ever IF you were a productive member of society or running a business. Sure, the neerdowells, misfits, whiners and lazy bums had it rough but they always seem to find misery, don't they?

    Workers were getting paid just fine. People got raises, bonuses, etc, etc. the "gimme fee stuff"McCord may have had it bad but as I said they always seem to find an excuse for their crappy lives. It's never their fault or their terrible decisions. Never.
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    Anyone with skills during Reagan who wanted a job, had a job in their chosen field. Employers needing help to grow had a hard time attracting talent --- > Totally an employee's market.
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    I'm pretty sure Pence feels he made a deal with the devil. He was likely promised to play a very important role if he became VP (Read: unprecedented control over policy) - in exchange though, he has to "excuse" his running mate for every heinous comment that leaves his lips. No doubt he's going home each night and having a drink then crying on his pillow.
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    Everyone who throws in with Mr. Trust will either emerge from the ordeal beaten down, but stronger or become an alcoholic.
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    Sounds nice, but long-term charts don't hold up - never mind Reagan's NUMEROUS tax hikes on the middle class and the number of times he raised the debt ceiling. And as for productivity, the following site - as do others - all spell it out neatly for people.




    So many sites from non-whacko sources have all shown relevant trends. The 1980s were not as grand as people lull themselves to believe, I'm sorry, but please lay off the kool-aid or at least stop trying to con us into thinking Reagan's policies did any good for us, which includes you so why do people choose self-delusion?

    In short, how can people live within their means if means keep going down?

    And - really - do read the whole article as you will probably feel like a lazy dirty unproductive whiny neerdowell afterward, too, since if you did your research you would know how wrong you were from the get-go and were too lazy to look around since indiscriminate blaming feels good to do... But you keep calling everyone everything to your heart's content. It is clear how badly out of touch some people are...
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    Well, I'm glad Pence has finally come to terms with the fact that electing him and his goon running mate is utterly unrealistic.

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