Want all Jpegs to open in Photoshop


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Nov 17, 2002
San Francisco
Does anyone know how to create a default on the OS to open ALL jpegs in one particular application? I would like my Mac to default to function that way but I can't figure out if that is possible or not. I have about half my jpegs and tiffs opening in Preview.

I know you can manually use the information window on each file and tell it to open in a specific, app. But I would like to just create Photoshop as the default for all PSD, Jpegs, and Tiffs.

thanks for any tips you have, now... back to my podcasting.


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i'd be more clear if I were at home on my g4, so ill try from memory.

iirc, get info on a jpg, in one pane, it should say "open with" change that to Photoshop, and there should be a check box that says "Always open files of this type with" or something like that.


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Mar 29, 2003
There's an option in the information window where you can select if what you selected should be used for all files of the same filetype, IIRC.

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Jan 6, 2004
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Select your jpg, tiff, etc. picture, and press apple+i. A window will open, click on the "Open With" drop down menu, select Photoshop, then click on the "Change All" button.

Now all your pictures will open in Photoshop.

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