Want to buy 1GB extra ram for iBook 12', what Kind and how?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iBunny, Nov 13, 2004.

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    I am going to order a 12'' New iBook with standard 256MB RAM

    Before i turn it on, I want to upgrade and stick in an extra 1GB of Ram...

    Where can i go to buy ram that will be 100% compatable with it? and I want it for much less than apples price of 560ish USD.

    Then, When I get it, how do I put it in? is it simple? or do i have to take the whole Machine appart?

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    You'll need to buy a 200-PIN SODIMM. Below are some prices.

    Crucial (www.crucial.com) is $355.99 for a 1GB SODIMM.


    Memorytogo is $275 for a 1GB SODIMM


    Coastmemory is $245 for a 1GB SODIMM (Lifetime warranty)


    Putting the RAM in is actually quite easy. No you don't have to take the whole computer apart. The extra RAM slot is under the keyboard.

    1. You'll have to flip the keyboard up by pressing on the little tabs in between the funtion keys right under the speakers. If it doesn't come up then there is a center clip that locks the keyboard down. You just need to turn the little plastic screw to unlock the keyboard.

    2. Now is a good time to ground yourself by find a piece of metal to touch. This will discharge yourself of any static you may have in you.

    3. Next you'll have to remove the AirPort Extreme (AE) Card. Be VERY careful with the AirPort Antenna thats connected to the AE Card. You'll need to remove that cable to get the AE card out.

    4. Next you'll need to remove the plate under the AE Card. That should only be held in with 2 tiny screws.

    5. Once thats off you should see the RAM slot. Just push it on on an angle and then push it downward until the clips grab it and hold it in place. The RAM is keyed so you can't put it in wrong.

    6. Reverse the process to get it back together.

    Its not that hard, just take your time. I'd start up the iBook when you get it without the 1GB SODIMM in there just to make sure it boots and isn't Dead on Arrival (DOA). Then if it doesn't boot after you install the extra RAM you'll know if its something you did. I'm going off the G3 style iBooks which should be exactly the same unless Apple has dramatically changed the innerds of the iBook G4 which I highly doubt.
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