Want to give my daughter orig. iPhone

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    I just got the 3G iPhone and would like to give my daughter the original iPhone but I'm not sure the best set-up.. I've searched but couldn't find anything specific..

    We have a family plan with AT&T.. We have one iTunes account for 3 computers in the house.. 1 is the family computer with the most music on it, the other 2 are mine for work.. I'm not worried about moving music from computer to computer.. Not interested in doing anything shady.. She'll sync from the family computer..

    She doesn't have a personal email account, but we have a family mobileme account..

    Basically, how can I legally give my daughter the old iPhone without her contacts and email going to me, and vice verse? Can I just put her sim in the old phone? Also, she probably doesn't need a data plan- but if it's required for her to use the iPhone it's not a problem..

    I'm just looking for any suggestions on how to set this up right for everyone.. I hope I've explained everything clearly..

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    Here we go...

    She may need one for the App Store.

    E-mails: As long as you're both using the same MobileMe account, I don't believe you can. Isn't that just like sharing the same e-mail?

    Contacts: Since you're syncing to the same computer, if you use two different programs to sync the iPhones' contacts (a separate program for each phone) you should be in the clear.

    You will still need to activate the phone through iTunes and add a data plan on to her contract. Alternatively, you could jailbreak the phone and avoid purchasing the data plan.

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