Want to import MIDI-files (.mid) in GB? Read here...

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  1. Kai macrumors member

    Mar 13, 2003
    Step 1: Download MIDI Patchbay and install. Define Audio-in and Audio-out for it using a name of your choice.
    (MIDIpipe should also do the job!)

    Step 2: Start GarageBand and select the Software-Instrument of your choice. It will automatically detect the Patchbay-Output, don't worry!

    Step 3: Download Mighty MIDI and install. Run.

    Step 4: Open your MIDI-file in Mighty MIDI, play it back using Quicktime (default), mute the tracks you don't want in GarageBand leaving only the ones with the desired melody (this can also be defined using the filter of MIDI Patchbay, but since you can actually hear the Track in Mighty MIDI i prefer that!)

    Step 5: Select your defined Patchbay-Input in "Devices" in Mighty MIDI. Press Play. Press "record" in GarageBand.

    Enjoy! ;-) Google knows a great many .mid files, hehe...
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    Jan 20, 2004
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