Want To reinstall osx but i dont have any external drives

Discussion in 'iMac' started by TheShinyMac, May 17, 2009.

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    Hey there
    Ok my imac is getting pretty slow and I wanted to reinstall osx. I know having 1 gig of ram doesnt help but thats all i have in it right now, the drive is 7200 RPM so thats good. Now i have itunes which has like 30 gigs of music on it and other files i need how can i reinstal leopard without losing itunes and other things i dont have a external hdd but my school might! any tips and sorry for the bad grammar my space bar key is messed up and i am to lazy to fix it thanks again
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    Have you tried...

    Have you tried cleaning off unnecessary files?

    Macs start getting sluggish if the hard-drives are mostly full. This is because OSX expects, and likes, there to be a large block of unbroken empty space, about two to five gigs worth, on the drive for swap space. Swap space is where the Mac puts currently unused, yet open, programs to make room in RAM for programs that you are using.

    If your drive is mostly full, the system will have run out of unbroken blank space large enough for it to use. This means the Mac has to spread out the swap space to multiple locations, making it take longer to get the information in it back when you need it. This translates to the Mac feeling slower and less responsive (spinning beach ball).

    To help keep that to a minimum you need to keep at least 20% of the drive space free. Go buy a spindle of DVDs, or CDs if you have a ComboDrive, and try transferring some files off your hard-drive. Or you could invest in an external drive and transfer files to it, it would certainly be quicker.

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