Want to upgrade my os x 10.5 to 10.6

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    hey all I need a help here... I have a mac that came with OS X 10.56 and I want to upgrade to 10.6 but the problem is I can't get a copy to buy from my country and so I resolved to download, and after downloading for about 2 months I finally have the OS X 10.6 but I need to burn it on 2 dvds. the total size is 7.4gb and I have two 4.7 dvds. I need to get this the dvds so I can install on my mac but I don't know how to burn it. I've tried checking the content to resize but all I can see from the file are not up to one gb, the rest are hidden. Pls I just need to upgrade to 10.6 or later cuz my mac is having software problems now. I don't mind buying if I can get where to buy in Lagos, Nigeria but there is none. Pls I really would appreciate some help here. Thank you
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    A DMG that size needs to be burned onto a dual-layer disc. You can check your burner's capabilities using System Profiler through the Apple Menu, more info button.

    Can't help you otherwise, as it's against MR forum rules to discuss pirated software.

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