Want update iOS and BB with iPhone used ultrasnow but after unlocked it by imie

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    Jun 18, 2013
    hi all user im new in iphone use.i have some question with my phone. i just buy my iphone 4 that unlocekd by ultrasnow ( firmware 4.3.3 with baseband 1.59) . . After i want to update its becuase its low signale ( that i think it have problem that use BB 1.59) but my friend told me that u will lose ur unlocked after u update,right? so i need to unloked it yesterday by imie( AT &T imie unlocked ) alraedy now but it still firmware and baseband as before.my question is ,if i do update firmware and baseband it will be relocked againe or not?

    :confused::confused::confused: plaese help me sir:confused:
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    Your friend is wrong.
    You will be fine.
    Once you got it imei unlocked it will never lock to any network no matter what baseband or ios firmware its on.
    You can go ahead and restore or update to official firmware through iTunes.
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    Jun 18, 2013
    thz sir for ur told me.so now i can do offical restore and update via itune only firmware? how about baseband ,how can i do with it? and after could you tell me more for sure that my phone is originale unlocked ,sim unlocked or factory unlocked ? becuase im not sure about that.
    but have someone told me to check it by some website and it show as below:

    1st website(http://www.imei.info)

    IMEI: 012429000xxxxxx
    Model: iPhone 4
    Activated: Yes
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
    Purchase Date:
    Contract Until: None
    Blacklist Korea Networks:
    Blacklist Australia Networks:
    Blacklist Japan Networks:
    Blacklist Telenor (Sweden):
    Carrier: Buy carrier check!
    SIM lock: Unlocked

    2nd website (http://sickw.com)

    Model: iPhone 4 32GB Black
    Device ID: 012429000xxxxxx
    Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Warranty Type: Expired
    Purchase Date: Validated
    Registered: Yes
    Activated: Yes
    Contract: Out of contract
    Carrier: Unlock Connect to iTunes
    SIM lock: Unlocked

    3rd website (http://iphoneimei.info)

    iPhone 4
    32GB Black
    IMEI: 012429000xxxxxx
    Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Activated: Yes
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
    Contract: Expired
    SIM Lock: Unlocked

    so it can be do update and rostore with no worry?

    please help me:confused::confused::confused:

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