Wanting to go wireless...


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Jun 9, 2005
Manchester, UK
I have an iBook G4. My broadband internet provider is Demon UK and i'm using the modem which they supplied.

I'm wanting to go wireless, initially just for my iBook but will want the option to add one PC and possibly at printer at some point.

My question is: What kit do I need to buy??? Do I just buy a router and plug the existing modem in to it, do I need to buy another type of modem. Is AirPort Express what I need or is something like a Linksys Router.

Physically, I'll never be more than 30ft away from the phone point and it will be mainly used for internet browsing (dont know if that is relevant or not).

I have read back through previous posts but I cant make sense of most of them.

Any advice is gratefully received.