War on Geometry -- A whole new gaming experience of STG, Not easily!

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    Tired of the analog stick? Check this out!
    Where you drag is where you go, and where you point is where you shoot. A whole new gaming experience of STG.

    To make it fun for you, War on Geometry created various unlucky geometry ships for you to destroy.
    What you need do is: drag your warship to avoid those unlucky geometry ships,while another finger controls the shooting direction. Add more firepower with more fingers. Yes, you'll need a number of fingers from both of your hands. It sounds simple but it will get you high.

    War on Geometry certainly have a brilliant scene, Variety of weapons and enemies, etc. But more importantly, We believe that the difficulty and excitement are equally important. So, the end of each level will have "Crazy Time" : INFINITE HP & INFINITE AMMO. Please do not hesitate to killing and experience hearty!

    War on Geometry respect each player's achievements. You will be very convenient to see the "TOP 20" , And see your global rankings. Into the "TOP 20", The efforts and wisdom will be a sense of accomplishment.

    Three kinds of difficulties and 20 fun and passion levels are waiting for you.

    What are you waiting for? Join into the war quickly, meet exciting, fun and a sense of accomplishment.



    Everything started hard, but more complex and difficult start, there will be a moment of opportunity for you to grasp.

    Never relax vigilance before end of the fighting.

    Do not willing Second, people who only remember the first.


    War on Geometry currently only supports Iphone 4, Ipod touch 4 and above devices. Iphone 3gs Ipod touch 3, which are not supported.

    Fixed the device when you are playing, Because you may be move the device to affect operation.


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