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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by stevento, Jan 29, 2008.

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    As we all know, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards both voted for the war -once-
    but i dont hold it against them and here's why:

    1. they were ALWAYS against a preeptive strike, they always spoke out against a US invasion. so really i'd put them on the same level as barack obama in that regard

    2. they only voted for it the first time. they voted against it at lease three times afterwards as an actual war became more likely.

    3. come on now, everyone has sour votes, obama had some nasty ones in Illinois and hell obama voted to renew the patriot act. nobody is perfect.
    its not right to pull one vote out of hundreds and say "look at this" unless you give credit for all the good votes
    now i know the patriot act isn't nearly as bad as the war but still

    4. the war vote was a vote to give the president permission to use force if the inspectors found WMD's or sadam didn't allow inspectors to do their jobs
    bush exceeded that permission. he broke the law and invaded. congress gave him a few inches (hillary and edwards only voted for that first inch) and bush took a mile.

    at www.senate.gov you can pour over everyone's voting records
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    Doesn't matter how she voted. As Prez, she won't call for an immediate runaway, and whatever the "deadline" that's set, the Big They will continue to find reasons to extend.

    And, given her apparent lack of understanding as to what is "the economy" (It's the tens of millions of money-decisions by tens of millions of people, Madame!) and her foolish notion that she can somehow manage it, we're in for a Really Bumpy Ride.

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    Well people do hold it against them because it is one of the things that distinguish Hillary and Edwards from Obama. Why do people hold Obama's experience against him? Same reason.

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