Warcraft 3 and reforged


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Aug 27, 2003
UK Kent
Hi all,

can someone please explain to me how i can use my g4 quicksilver and original Warcraft 3 CD to play online again without having to pay for the new reforged game?

Apparently anyone with the original
game and serial can join battle net without having to pay for the new game.

I am having problems working out hot to update the original Games battlenet ?

anyone wiser or younger with any pointers ? Thanking you in advance


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Feb 28, 2020
I don't think the latest WC3 updates still support PPC macs...you can add a classic blizzard game to your battle.net account with the CD key and download it from battle.net. You can still play the original WC3 online but I don't believe that it still works with PPC macs.

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Sep 23, 2014
They increased the system requirements, and now WC3 Reforged and Classic require an intel with at least a Metal-capable GPU.

So, not only did they kill Battle.net for PPC Macs, but also many Intel Macs too.

I only have one Mac that has a Metal GPU, so this is pretty annoying. I might try to install WC3 on one of my other Macs, just to see if it will let me, but it probably won't.
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