Warren Harding's ancestry, and, love life

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    It is funny, but, here we are, nearly 100 years later, and, Americans are still fascinated by the racial ancestry and love life of a President. These articles from the New York Times give a glimpse of how things were at one of the low points of race relations, and, at an odd time in sexual politics as well. DNA evidence shows that Harding was indeed the father of (at least) one out-of-wedlock child:


    It also turns out that he wasn't black after all:


    The story is interesting for the light it sheds on the world of 1920, as well has where we are today.
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    There were horny bastards then as there are now. Just that everything was photographed in black and white then and the photos had deckled edges.

    Warren Harding would be a good male porno name today.

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