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Jan 18, 2019
"Spoke with Apple. It’s a known issue. They do not have a fix right now." This comment is from December 2019. Is there a fix for this by now?


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May 28, 2005
Ever since updating to Catalina, I've been having issues. The 10.15.4 update changed how my bluetooth headphones don't work (so Apple is working on their bluetooth stack), but they still aren't working properly for me.

The only proposed solution seems to be resetting things, and reducing interference. Due to COVID-19, I can state with a bit of certainty that there's far less interference at my house than there was in an office farm, and that the issue didn't exist before I updated to Catalina.

So no, the bluetooth problems aren't gone. They might be better for you personally though, since Apple is definitely working on their BT stack.
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