Was there ever a fix for the T2 audio issues?


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Jan 16, 2020
Hello. I might switch from PC to Mac, and I posted a similar thread on the notebook forum, but I thought I would post about it in here as well because I would specifically be running Mojave at the moment. Some programs that I would run are buggy in Catalina. I would be using it to play gigs out of Ableton and produce music in other DAWs.

There seems to be a disagreement as to whether 10.14.16 combined with a dongle to convert actually fixed the issue of incompatibility with USB2 due to the T2 chips. I've heard of latency caused by the T2 connecting to the serves as well. Are there workarounds for these issues or is Mac not what it used to be? Alternatively, is anyone running a music setup on a 2017 or before Mac notebook running Mojave? Thanks.