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Was told OS X 10.8.5 would be the best Version for an OLD 2008 24" iMac to run... And has some Q...

Rei Lyfe

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Original poster
Jun 21, 2018
So I was told it was common practice to remove your ID off of your iMac if your going to sell. And in most cases this also causes a factory reset of things. But is it that common to even wipe off a recovery drive to reinstall OS X?! I've never had a Mac before and thought it would be as user friendly as my comparable Windows Machine. And I didn't lose much money on this I mean 10 bucks for an old working computer sounds great to start a handle in using an old mac. So when I looked around I guess Yosemite or El Capitan was the highest version to run on the old mac. And then was told it wouldn't be the best in terms of optimization and performance. Thus meaning Mountain Lion would be the best bet.

So basically IT turns out not only do I need access to a mac to get this file and to make my 16GB Stick encoded to Journaled to pull this off in order to boot/install it seems. Or installing a mac running OS X onto a data disk to stick into the optical drive. Either way I would require a Mac to do so. OR buy the OS Disk from Apple for $20.00?!

Jack Neill

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Sep 13, 2015
San Antonio Texas
I would never recommend stealing Apple software, but I bet if you look around you can find the 10.8 app through alternative means... Its possible to make an installer in Windows. Google is your friend.


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Jan 30, 2016
Just buy a USB ML installer off eBay for like 8$, its worth the money simply to have as a recovery drive for the OSX hacking you are DEFINITELY going to be doing soon.
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