Watching TV on a G3 iMac??


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May 7, 2002
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hi guys.

is there anyway to watch cable tv on a g3 imac?

is there a converter, which could make this possible?

my bro has a small apartment, he does not have enough space for a tv and a computer, come to think of it, he does not have the money for both, too.

maybe, someone owns something like this, or knows of such a converter, in which, he can connect the cable tv wire to a machine, and the machine is connected to the firewire connection...

thx for reading. and more thx if you can give suggestions.


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Dec 9, 2001
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ATi makes (or made) a PCI TV tuner card that would let you watch TV on your computer. Heck, Apple even made a couple models with that card, or one like it. It was unimaginatively named Mac TV. It's a kinda old computer, but if TV and some basic word processing is all it'll be used for (no OS X), that could work.


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Jul 7, 2002
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It depends on which G3 iMac it is. If it has a Firewire port, then Formac sells a converter that also allows you to capture analog video to your Mac. If it has no Firewire port, I've heard of USB solutions, but can't think of any.

Link to the Formac


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Feb 5, 2002
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The EyeTV is nice, also look at the Eskape Labs MyTV. Both are USB and both have OS X drivers. I'm not sure how well USB video capture thingies work or what the video quality or CPU usage is like, but they're certainly cheap enough. (At least the MyTV is)
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