Water damaged iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by angieDW, Jun 2, 2013.

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    First, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place...I apologize. this is my first time to ever post in a forum so I'm not familiar w/how to navigate around. If this is the wrong area, please "kindly" point me in the right direction, as I am desperate to get some assistance w/my iphone 4s dilemma.

    Here's what happened:
    I dropped my iPhone 4s into the toilet, it was there all of maybe 5 seconds (if that long) as I immediately removed it. It had an otterbox, which I know is not waterproof, but upon removing the otterbox, the phone itself appeared barely wet. The phone still worked fine & continued to work fine for at least 14 hours following.

    While I was playing a game, my phone died altho the battery life was still good. Since then, the phone will only power on when plugged into the charger connected to the power outlet (will not work when plugged into computer)...& says searching. And, after a while, it would power off & not come back on until I unplugged & then re-plugged charger.

    I took the phone the following day to a local repair shop. He took the phone apart & used some type of dryer to dry as much as he could & told me to bring home & place in white rice for at least 2 days. I took the phone out of the rice today (the 4th day)...Still, basically same issues. Except, it will now stay on (& hold time) as long as plugged into electrical outlet. Screen, camera, everything seems to work perfectly fine, except it still says "searching" in top left of screen.

    Any advice on what the problem maybe & how to fix it...or is it just a goner (in your opinion, of course). Could it be perhaps the battery...& perhaps damaged sims card? I have no clue & I am not very technologically literate. Please just let me know if you need anymore info...as I'm not ready to just give up on this phone. Please advise...& many, many thanks in advance!! (I live in a small town & I question the amount of knowledge the guy has at my local repair shop).
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    If possible I'd take it to apple and see if you can get an out of warranty replacement.
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    I assume and correct me if I am wrong but I am guessing the repairer you took it too wasn't apple authorised? BAD IDEA!! Let this be a lesson to anyone who is in a similar situation. Don't go to a local mobile phone repair guy go straight to apple!!!!

    If you hadn't done that you could have sent it back to apple in the mail(or gone to a store) and they would be able to get you a OOW (out of warranty) replacement for what ever the going rate is $(249.95+tax?) If you sent it in they can send one back

    So I can help you more easily with the steps below

    1. Are you running Mac or PC

    2. How far is your nearest apple store?

    I would do the following

    1.Back up your phone completely and it wouldn't be a bad idea to download your photos (they back up with the iPhone backup but it is always a good idea I think at least with photos to have a extra copy). If you have contacts on iCloud then select all and export them so again you have a extra copy.

    2. Since you live in a small town I am going to assume you'd rather not go into a city to a apple store so call up apple support and ask them what your options are. I wouldn't mention the fact that you opened it up etc.. Just say it got wet lol anyways

    They will give you some options... Post back if you have any questions but the first step is really really important if you want your stuff on your phone as it will be GONE if you send it back.

    post back if you don't understand anything I've said

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