Waterproof iPhone 4/4s Case on Sale Today on KGB Deals..


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Oct 8, 2011
I know lifeproof is the greatest, but at $70 I cant really afford it...

Got an email this morning about this one. Not the "sexiest" case on earth.. but here you go.. $19...


•Keystone ECO waterproof iPhone 4/4S case & neck strap
•Take pictures or videos underwater
•Full iPhone touch screen and call functionality
•Waterproof up to 20 ft., sand proof, and shock proof
•Perfect for the swimming pool, snorkeling, the beach, boating, surfing, and more

what & why
Unlike friendly otters, your iPhone is not a big fan of swimming underwater – at least, not unprotected. Take your photography and video skills below the water's surface with a Keystone ECO waterproof iPhone 4/4S case from Concord Keystone. This sturdy waterproof case is specially designed for your iPhone and can take pictures or videos underwater up to 20 feet. You can also view your pictures and playback your videos while you are still in the water, text your friends, and update your Facebook status. The clear protective silicon membrane supports full iPhone touch screen functionality. Dive into today’s kgbdeal and pay just $19 for fun times in the water
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