Way to Fix Scratches on iPhone 4's Stainless Steel Band?

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    So, my iPhone 4 randomly got sratches on its metallic band (presumably from the bumper) and its starting to get me annoyed, so my question is: Is there any form to get the scratches off the metal? So, please tell me something that is tested to work and that has no chances of screwing something up, please. But thank you all in advance. Really need the help ;)
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    Those aren't really scratches you are seeing on there. It is where the hard plastic has rubbed up against the metal and "polished" it. Since you posted this awhile ago, you may have already gotten the new iPhone 4S but if it ever happens again, you have two options.
    1) Leave the bumper on or buy a different case (Check out Incipio's feather case if you're looking for a good case. I love mine.)
    2) Polish the metal band (this seems like the best thread to describe how to do it)- http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1126021&highlight=polished+band
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    This is why I put a skin around the antenna band, I know it doesn't scratch too easily, but I knew it would. Like someone suggested you could polish it out.
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    Scratches on there can't be fixed. As previous posters have mentioned, you have two options. You can polish it to a chrome finish, but that requires time and supply and maybe some expertise. Other option is buying a sticker that wraps around the band that looks like the original.

    I don't have any scratches on mine, but I went ahead and put the sticker on since it gave me a good grip when I was holding it. The sticker I have is from sticker boy.net And the color is "anthracite silver brush".



    Just erase the asterisks that are automatically added. Change it to "sticker boy" - sticker boy.net, no spaces.

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