We are on Catalina now and...


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Nov 24, 2010
Swipe to go back in Safari is still garbage. Why can't they figure this out? Pretty much any site I am on in safari when I swipe to go back there is a lag and it takes a couple seconds for the page to refresh and for me to be able to interact with it. I know people used to accuse ad blockers for creating this behavior but I use Wipr now which is a content blocker right from the App Store and Safari still behaves this way when swiping to go back. It is really bad on this site.
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Nov 28, 2013
It's always been like this, especially on forums. You swipe back, it shows the screen, locks up, stores all your trackpad gestures (that you input thinking the page is ready), then after a couple of seconds it reloads the screen then jumps around all over the place.

It was this issue, and lack of cookie management, that moved me to Firefox a year or so ago. it's only because Apple broke it in this latest dev beta (it'll be fixed in the next one) that I've temporarily reverted back to Safari. I still hate it. Weirdly, it also seems much slower than Firefox. I say weird as it used to be faster. Lack of ublock origin is probably playing a part in that.