Wearables as cellphones and the impact on casual mobile browsing

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Centris 650, May 4, 2016.

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    There seems to be some thought that Apple may be looking into making wearables with cellular in response to hi end smart phone growth slowing down. If this does happen what will happen to casual web browsing and how might that affect online businesses? It seems lack of (or at the very least very limited) casual mobile browsing would be the one hurtle for wearables really taking off.

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    First, adding cellular wouldn't be in response to anything recent, it's been obvious that the watch would gain cellular at some point.

    Unless we see a shift away from screen (which will take decades if it ever happens), casual browsing is going to be fine.
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    Jul 14, 2015
    It's an interesting thought, and for me, it's kinda true already.

    I've given the example of putting my phone in my wife's purse while we go shopping. I do it so I can be more attentive to her and actually participate in the shopping experience. You've seen those husbands and boyfriends trailing behind with their noses in their phones, right? I think the situation is funny, but I wanted to stop doing it.

    The watch gives me the chance to remain connected to work or family without also tempting me with brain-rotting distractions. That's why I don't have my phone on my person anymore when I'm with my wife.

    So, yes, I spend less time with casual mobile browsing, as it would be called. I also can't imagine casual browsing via the watch -- it's too small, and it's awkward to use for more than quick interactions. I have used mine for skimming news headlines and screening email, but only while sitting down and not for more than a couple minutes.

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