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Web based iPhone tethering (no app needed, can't be stopped by Apple)


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Jan 11, 2011

Saw this on 9-to-5 Mac and wanted to spread the knowledge.

Looks like this web based tethering gets around Apples restrictions on stock iphones and is from the same company that brought us the tethering app itether (before it got pulled by Apple)

Guess its usually $30/year but if ordered in this first week of launch it's only $15 for the year.



Oct 7, 2010
That is all fine and dandy, but if you are unlimited, you will get throttled if you go over 2 Gigs (I think that was the latest) and if you don't have unlimited you will eventually have to pay.

The service is also 30 a year so you are really still paying for it anyway even if it is at a cheaper price.

Bottom line is that someone is getting money rather than letting us use our data how we please.


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Aug 14, 2011
I've paid up for it, seems good

Using this on a MacBook Air 2011 (Lion) gets me a little more then 1 Megabit per second download, a little less then half that on the upload. I won't use it to eliminate/replace my home direct line, but I think it could be useful occasionally on the road. Definitely worth the $15 per year introductory, as long as nothing (or nobody) squashes its service.


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