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Weekly Photo Contest Challenge: B&W (October 21 - 28, 2020)


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Oct 10, 2014
redshifted -- Thank you for all of your hard work with this one and the outstanding c&c.

I appreciate your comments on my image. I can't disagree, but I was going for something else. Cleveland has a subway that was in use until 1954. The Transit Authority opens it to the public one day a year. The place is dark, cold, and decayed. I wanted to convey the noir-ish and spooky feeling you identified. The lone person walking down the tunnel accented the loneliness of the place. This is also why I brought up the highlights a little higher than they should be. Given the comments I read ahead of my image, I was surprised you didn't call me out for that. I tried cropping it as you suggested when I first processed this, but that did not convey the story I wanted to tell.

Thank you for not punishing me.

inkmich's image is definitely my favorite. My second goes to cupcakes2000. I am not a fan of studio portraiture nor fashion oriented anything, but cupcakes200's image is just so clean and balanced. I love it.

You also took your own challenge. I only have a few images that I think are exactly on point. I would love to see you "step out of yourself" and critique your own posts. I do that sometimes and it is a fun (or depressing) exercise.

Given 2 of the license plates, it looks like your final image was in Ohio. Where are you from? ("Midwest" is a big place.)

Like I said in my intro - you know your pic better than I do lol

I have a pathological hatred of burned out highlights from decades of shooting medium format transparencies (slides) on editorial and commercial assignment - the only exception was a good aesthetic reason to break the technical rule lol
Your pic wasn't in violation lol

Film delivered to the AD with clear patches needed a justification in those days
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