Weekly Photo Contest, Sept 15 - 22, Color Discipline


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Aug 2, 2014
Okay, stepping in for judging as @Nathan King is currently AWOL - hope all is well.
The usual caveats apply with the addition that I am judging based on my interpretation of the theme which may be different from how Nathan intended.

I'll offer my usual constructive criticism but don't take it too seriously as I'm strictly an amateur myself and just voice how I see things...

A fantastic opening to this competition. Definitely hits the theme and the doors really stand out in the image - not sure if that is true to the scene or done in PP but an impactful shot.

Quite a striking image which I do like although for me it doesn't really hit theme from my perspective. I do find the background pattern a little distracting though - my brain almost treats it like one of those magic eye images.

@deep diver
This one works well with the theme, the colours all work well together and are ones we would associate with each other. With this composition, I would have liked to have seen a little shallower DOF to make the bag and hat stand out but appreciate you probably didn't have the distance to work with.

The Hair colour and flesh tones are a nice contrast to the background. I don't think of them as complimenting the blue background but giving the boy a natural, colour isolation from the wall. Away from the theme though, I suspect this would work well as a mono image given the strong side lighting.

@Clix Pix
A nice, subtle contrasting image. The natural palette of this one reminds me a lot of a water colour landscape.

@Darmok N Jalad
While I'm not sure this hits the intended theme, the image works well for the striking main subject against the subdued background.

Another museum shot and another good one at that. I like the balance between the floor and background wall with the complimentary hues of the picture frames. I also like the candid nature of this image.

I'm torn on this image. I like these kind of shots but would have preferred if more of the natural light streaming through the trees was captured. I'm also struggling to judge this one with consideration to the intended theme as it is predominately one main colour contrasting with the dark of the back lit tree trunks.

This is an interesting shot. While the source of light and colour is central, I love the contrast between the side walls - one with the diffused, subtle colours and the other with the sharpness reflected in picture glass.

A nicely balanced image with the mass of green being punctured by the flowers and complimentary flower box and window covers. My one wish would be to extend the image a bit on the top and left and frame the window more to the lower right to balance with the open cover.

A nicely framed shot, the less saturated greens work well against the grey sky with the flowers offering a splash of alternate colour to break up the foreground.

I'm sure there is real sentiment behind this image but for me, the framing really hurts this one. The main subject being off centre and not fully in frame combined with the green hosing on the right gives this more an air of a snapshot in need of some TLC.

You have shown previously that you have an eye for a great image and this is another fine example. This really hits the theme for me. I love the hues in the sky dominating the relative monotony of the sand while the house lights bring pockets of warmth to the image.

A busy image that, if I'm being honest, I find a little too distracting but love how the colours work well together. I think the bench and flowers with a quieter background would make for an overall stronger picture.

A clever image that predominately uses colour instead of raw light to contrast against the darkness of the background. The fact each of the windows sticks to one main hue really works in this image and provides real character.

A well composed shot, another which uses the colour as a contrast against a more subdued background instead of complimenting it. As a portrait, I'm not a fan of the use of flash with the model so close to the wall unless you are making the shadows one of the key features but appreciate this can be hard to avoid in such shots.

The cyans in this image really work well between the ice and the sky with mountains for contrast. The grey sea in the foreground is a little unforgiving for me though as there is little life or reflection in it to complete the picture.

Just a lovely image that captures the seasonal lighting really well. I love the balance of the picture thanks to the shadows, greens and red sandwiched between the reflection and sky. Very well executed.

Very well composed with both rich and subtle hues and contrasting angles. A strong image that fits the theme well.

This on the face of it seems such a simple image but I think it is stunning. Shades of two main colours that both contrast and compliment each other with a subtle deviation of lighting throughout. Nails the theme for me.

Very tight framing that works well for this image. Nice contrasting throughout with the repeating red and yellow offering a balance to the whole picture.

@Elbert C
I was expecting more shots like this in all honesty. Lovely smooth hues, spread out across a wide, calm inducing vista. I also love the cloud reflections so close to the horizon. What's not to like?

Well this was tougher (and longer) to judge than I was expecting - equally down to the standard of entries and also it was someone else's theme. Thanks to all who entered and I tried to add some commentary of value to each image but please ignore as you see fit. For what it's worth, it was hard to pick the podium places to start with, let alone a winner, it was that close for me.

I love this shot. It fits the theme well and there is a real balance to the image.

Bang on theme but I also love the texture and contrast in those doors against the rest of the image.

1st Place.
Congratulations on this shot. Just a great shot that gets the theme perfectly for me.
Good contest and very useful feedback across the board. Congratulations to the very worthy winners.

A little bit of clarity added in PP but the wooden board on the right had recently been painted with some kind of preservative/oil so looked nice and rich. Photo taken with a polarising filter which also helps with saturation/punch under the right circumstances.