Weird throttling on 2018 MBP during Cinebench, dropping down to 1.5ghz at 75C?


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Apr 26, 2005

I'm chasing some kind of performance demon with my MBP.

After a fresh restart, I'm getting 2200-2400 scores in Cinebench R20. But, after a while, I start to see weird throttling, and scores of just 1200. In the Intel Power Gadget, it's showing temps of only 75, so it's quite weird. Image attached.

I'm not quite sure how to start looking for the problem? I do notice at times that my kernal_task is running higher than normal. Sometimes greater than 100%.



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Oct 14, 2008
15" i9. I know it throttles, but this seems unusually low.
The 15" should not throttle at all when running Geekbench. Your graphs look like a power management issue (the CPU doesn't exceed single-core power draw). Try resetting the SMC. it could also be a hardware problem with some of the power delivery components and/or sensors.