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    Parents take note, if you buy one thing this holiday season, be sure it’s Santa Mega Pack, the most useful tool for holiday survival — you’re getting 10 high-quality Apps in 1! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/santa-mega-pack-10-apps-in/id399583205?mt=8

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    Santa Mega Pack enables parents to encourage angelic behavior among kids (and discourage unruly behavior) by using the secret Request Santa feature to dial into the North Pole. Additionally, parents can rely on the App to provide hours of educational entertainment with Christmas stories, coloring books, puzzles, mazes during one of the season's many shopping trips or long car rides. It truly is the biggest compilation of holiday adventure - kids can't get enough of the excitement, especially Talking to Santa!

    Santa Mega Pack also includes 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German. Bilingual homes can change languages for that special touch — even Santa’s voice changes languages!

    This year, parents can navigate their way through the holidays with ease and grace.

    Parents will love:

    1) Request a Call From Santa – Have Santa call your little one to deliver a special message by selecting from numerous naughty or nice options, such as Good Listening, Good at School, Not Behaving, Not Sleeping, and many more. (This is not a live call from Santa.)

    2) Request a Text From Santa – Create a text message to address any situation. Your child will be amazed at how detailed and prompt Santa’s text message can be. This also has a special impact on older, doubtful children.

    3a) Listen & Email Children’s Wish Lists – Parents can retrieve audio wish lists and email them to family and friends, or hold onto them as a timeless treasure!

    Kids will love:

    3b) Call Santa to Leave Gift Wish list – Kids can call Santa whenever they want, and as many times as they like to tell him what gifts they want for Christmas

    4) “Santa and the Magic Fireplace” – Read about a little girl who makes her holidays special by being creative

    5) “Santa and the Too Tall Chimney” – Read how Santa and his reindeer must overcome a variety of challenges

    6) “T’was the Night Before Christmas” – Revisit the classic poem by Clement Moore

    7) Holiday Coloring Books – Choose from 12 whimsical holiday scenes

    8) Holiday Puzzles – Improve hand-eye coordination by solving 8 vivid holiday puzzles

    9) “Match-n-Melt” Memory Game – Match cute animal pictures and sounds to reveal a secret holiday picture beneath!

    10) “Reindeer Roundup!” Holiday Mazes – Use the accelerometer to tilt through 5 challenging mazes

    Bring Christmas magic to your home! Make your kids happy, amuse and educate them with Santa Mega Pack app!

    This is one of those fantastic apps that both you and your kids don’t want to miss out on! :) http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/santa-mega-pack-10-apps-in/id399583205?mt=8
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    This is great! I am a huge fan of Christmas, if I had kids I would be all over this app. :)

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