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    Aug 24, 2010
    Hi Guys,

    Its FreeAppMan here and some of you may know me from the TouchArcade forums. I provide a list of free apps every day with a description, verdict, and rating made by myself. These aren't just any free apps though, they are apps that are worth downloading which sets me apart from other free app sites that give you no review and don't post whether it is actually worth the hassle to download. Some of you may love what I am going to do and some of you might think its a dumb idea but so far on the TA forums I have received over 10,000 views on my post in just one week so I thought I would help some other people out by bringing it here.


    Free App Post #7

    This will be our one week anniversary and what I have in store should be more than enough to suffice for the occasion!

    Harry Potter: Spells


    Description: This app is basically a play off of what wands do in the Harry Potter movie series. When the app first came out you had to actually swing the iPhone around for it to work, now you just draw making it much easier than before. You are paired up with a computer or another player via wifi or bluetooth and just battle it out until the end drawing different lines and shapes on your device to cast multiple spells. The spells are actually followed by an animation on both devices showing the spell being cast and when it hits the other player.

    Review: Although the game was a tiny bit laggy once or twice there was no crashing like you would expect with a game as detailed as this one. The graphics are simply amazing, the gameplay right there with them, and the overall game itself is wonderful especially for a Harry Potter fan like me. Sometimes the shapes drawn dont respond very well so it does take a few tries to get it right sometimes but overall its a small price to pay when you are having fun with family or friends. I would advise anyone who likes Harry Potter or just wants a fun little app to download this, its well worth it.

    Graphics: 4/5
    Fun Level: 4/5 on wifi
    Quality: 4/5

    This app gets strait 4/5 and its well deserved. The only thing keeping it from those 5 stars is its occasional lagging but you should appreciate it for a free app. This is really amazing to be free so grab your copy today!


    Golf Putt Pro


    Description: Obviously this is a game for the golfers out there and even someone just looking to have a little sit down quick fun. The game in itself is pretty simple, just tap the screen when the rotating hit path reaches the place you want it to according to the grade and steepness of the green you are playing on. If you go with the 3 lives type you will find yourself with the basic hit and small gradient in the green. If choosing one of the harder game modes (there are 5) you might find yourself with the camera angle tilted, the green at a steep slope, and the hitting arrow going faster than usual.

    Review: Im not a golfer by any means and don't really know much about golf at all but for a non-fan this game was pretty fun. Its not something you would spend hours playing but I sat there for 20 minutes playing over and over just to try and beat my score. There are 25 achievements for you to try and conquer and although some of them seem impossible to get (at least at my level of play) it is fun to try and get a few. I ended up with a best high score of 419 which isn't bad for a person who knows nothing about golf. Also, I have to mention that the physics of the game were pretty well thought out and consistent too.

    Graphics: 4/5
    Fun Level: 3/5
    Quality: 3/5

    All in all its a fairly fun "play when your bored" app. Its worth the download but you probably will only keep it on your device a few weeks. My final rating is a 3/5.


    Thanks for the feedback so far keep posting and let me know if you like the apps!

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